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Facility Management

hello this would be a short presentation from showing our passion for providing facilities and assets and energy management solutions

what we can do for your company and the benefits that you can hope to expect by working with a complete of all is liver working solutions that will tackle five main areas these center around you the client gaining a foundation level of control

we look at asset management it is extremely difficult to gain benefits and reduce expenditure without detailed knowledge of all of your assets planned equipment buildings etc energy management is the next logical step where full knowledge of your assets allow you to meet informed decisions with regard to new technology issued to guarantee

maintenance and a human factor all of which have a current or future impact on your energy usage facilities maintenance considering all elements of your facilities management maintenance can add up to 30% of your organization’s expenditure implementing full and transparent control over all activities is essential expenditure
by implement controls and other solutions many changes can be made here expenditure all of which will benefit your organization finally risk this is a very boss subject
however without implementing change your organization could be exposed to many levels of risk within a company negative impact we know that making the changes in the favored scheme cannot be accomplished by just either purchasing a box software solution or engaging a consultancy company what is required is a combination of both backed by the years of experience that the key personnel in composite event have involved facilities maintenance management and other fields of enterprise

it is this combination and our ability to develop unique problem solving solutions specific to your company where you will see the greatest benefits and what makes confluence unique

so why is composite of them different as if already said we deliver a customized solution we have the ability to adapt
and deliver solutions that match your specific needs not a one-size-fits-all

you declared retain complete control no information is hidden that may benefit others or to the detriment of you to the clients for the utilizing of proposed solutions and the software will guarantee four types seriously yes the four times greater or more return on your investment

we do not track data every bit of information remains the property of you to client and will be available at any time compared to our competitors we can have you up and running in days not once with a very easy and intuitive training process one integrated price

irrespective of the number of users of data records nothing division use licenses or that limits you do not have to pick and choose poppers of option for example sap with over 100 we will produce ultimate paperless workspace which protects environment and greatly reduces administration we have multi sector experience which means our
students are defined with this in mind not designed by a software engineer with no practical

we believe in teamwork and building a long-term relationship with our customers definitely not

pompous CEO and team have decades of experience and facilities Industrial Management over the past four years compensation for many awards from partisan important and compensation was bought in solutions Ford Ranger sectors which includes several well-known names this level of experience gives them the edge in our
window solutions to your organization as part of your team rather than just another software vendor or consultant

we will work continuously with you to determine and then achieve the best possible solutions and outcomes we understand that every organization has individual requirements we do not supply a 1/2 fits all solution we learn
understand implement and follow through a customized solution to see your individual needs

our goal is to make the implementation as stress-free as possible with minimal impact on your resources especially or maybe even facilities encourage your IT departments would not need to display any management services are we gonna call the greatest part of implication that our own staff vilification greater workload on an already busy facilities
of power or time you’re greatly reduced it worth of our facilities we borrow for finance pipe spools our solutions are so effective what’s implemented that we be guarantee four times developments we expect to achieve our foremost importance especially when the cost of managing of facilities is comparable to your payroll as much as you know at the end of the week the expenditure of your wages and salaries with our solutions we’ll be able to do exactly the same with your facilities and energy expenditure so where does 30% of your organization’s operation expenditure go to the big tree of energy capital expenditure and remedial repair work we work with you to reduce and control these as well as the other areas within your facility’s organization

our solutions are practical and based on years of knowledge and experience we work from the key areas so you can see results fast number one is energy this is the one cost that is constantly increasing and putting ever greater
demands on an organization’s budget for next two slides we look at some of our energy solutions we don’t a your energy management profile and see where improvements can be made especially relating to the usage effectiveness
energy nas and energy wastage and if enough is not a big factor in energy management we work with you and will come to identify anything those areas and introduce long-term solutions energy wastage can account for the loss of up to 30% of your overall energy expenditure in simple terms the energy generated is not getting true or being blocked or is being sent to the wrong destination in the majority cases the reason is what we termed the human factor this can be poor design or installation bad habits and ingrained work culture personal preferences or many other factors again we will work with you and your contractors to identify energy waste areas and introduce long-term solutions another between are reducing your energy requirement is supplying thermodynamic energy clear air conditioning this can generate up to 20 to 70% savings during daylight hour and up to 20% at night dependent on your location this is just not one of the many technological issues that we can introduce preventative plan maintenance entails more than scheduling maintenance

unfortunately this is usually the case we have found that fewer than 10% organizations actively track the physical work element of maintenance our unique control solutions mean that you can track maintenance activities in an almost real-time environment whether they are on-site or pumps of kilometers away this will give your organization a very substantial benefits capital expenditure can be a nightmare scenario to CFO’s especially when the cost of a patient facilities plan and cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of euros of control maintenance will extend lifespan of your planned assets with the average life span across all spectrum of assets being an average 12 years every year game will save you seventy seven thousand years or 1 million of peasants valuation we expect to be able to extend your lifespan of your assets by two years of more topical

for maintenance were dramatically reduced in about call-outs the leader world even a small adoption has a dramatic effect on a facility’s budget by working with you our goal is to reduce all of by up to 20% papa control maintenance related energy consumption we have got all assets that use electrical carbon fuel entry or warm up receiver improvements and energy consumption and DT we will also look to see where new technology advances can also be implemented Paul also is to eliminate at least one potential critical failure every two years the cost of a physical failure can be staggering both financial health and safety and reputation using various solutions and working with you to introduce new mythologies and technology we aim to achieve an optimal point where the key benefits far outweigh any costs incurred remedial works are the daily grind of a facilities management team our years of
experience has allowed us to change this into a far more efficient and effective environment it is important that all the media workshops are identified tracked and custody

this is easy to accomplish using our software Regional Forum there are wide range of negative effects from
Ontrack jobs or financial and administrative how much your plans and assets and equipment worse how much do
you need to budget the capital expenditure next or following years
underperforming on technology updated assets identified on what assets is it better to replace or continue where pairs to keep functional data-driven information three four four four allows informed decisions which need to expenditure repetitive not productive and time-consuming administrative tasks can be greatly reduced if not eliminated altogether using our solutions that we know for for this allows your facility staff to be more efficient and productive in a paperless work environment if you do not know who is on your property or that the contractors who are working on your plant are crew and equipment a fully trained in short and miss the way DeNooyer expose your organization and style to potential health and safety risks and accidents financial risk whispered if occasion compensation claims and even a criminal record damage to plant and equipment and more we can
work with you to introduce procedures and a control structure to eliminate this area of risk and financial loss regional 4/4 is our own enterprise asset management software this is what gives to try to control what the solutions are in place over 7,000 hours of development has gone into our before and is both compatible and comparable with most other databases as you can see it has all the standard modules to allow you to administer your facilities and highly efficient planet copy what makes it unique is his ease of use and its ease and customization to meet our customers needs again we do not believe in one software package fits all when our site license under it offers a far greater return on investment compared to mainstream packages such as SAP in for Oracle and maximum our before is cloud hosted a compatible both Windows and OS X platforms it can be used as an add-on for iPad and iPhones and is completely web accessible training takes hours not most and is fully practical prior excellence above sponsored videos and almost direct contact when leaders are before comes with everything you need to
effectively and efficiently control all of your facility’s energy asset management and plant maintenance schedules

there are many benefits and becoming a customer of we are showing you several of these during
the presentation you can expect to make considerable financial and energy savings low risk and greatly improve the
efficiency and effectiveness of your facility’s administration of course as each customer has individual
requirements once we know and understand these we will be able to introduce even greater benefits do you feel that this could be something that we were looking for if yes then please contact us thank you for your time in watching this presentation and we look forward to welcoming you and working with you as part of the Facility Management family

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Founder 2018

I believe everyone has a problem that they can’t solve by his or her self.

They need other to solve their problem together.

They need technology to solve their problem easier and better.

Here come Indobisa, the solution ecosystem that has many solution platforms

One of them are e-Business Solution are e-business solution

We help people do business better.

Together we connect, empower, accelerate and inspire business

through e-business community, fund and technology

Anyone are welcome to join, to have and to be part of the business solution

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IndoBisa is an online solution ecosystem.

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